Who is Bluebonnet Entertainment?

Making Dreams Come True!

A family-owned business, Bluebonnet Entertainment LLC was founded by mother (Wendy Yates) and daughter (Victoria Slater.)

A Princess herself, Victoria Slater spent 5 years in New York City studying acting and working for an entertainment company as a princess. There she studied face painting, balloon twisting, and performance and discovered her passion for it all and her love of kids!

Coming from an Entrepreneurial family, Wendy Yates has helped start multiple companies with her business skills and strong work ethic. Wendy has a never-quit attitude and one thing people say that stands out about her is her compassion that shines brighter than the stars!

Together Wendy and Victoria have created a company that stands above the rest! They have taken the best of New York City with the best of Texas to bring you top-of-the-line professional entertainment! 



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Bluebonnet Entertainment LLC is an independent company and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Lucas Arts, Marvel, Saban, Mattel, or SCG Power Rangers LLC. Some of these characters are trademarks of their respective companies.